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NorDiNa 2/08, november 2008

From the editors 2/08

Berit Bungum, Anita Wallin, Björn Andersson : From the editors: Nordina 2/08 pdf

From the organizing committee

Kristján Ketill Stefánsson : From the organizing committee pdf

Implementation of empirical-mathematical modelling in upper secondary physics: Teachers’ interpretations and considerations

Students’ early experiences of biodiversity and education for a sustainable future

Images of physics: an explorative study of the changing character of visual images in Norwegian physics textbooks

Puppets and engagement in science: a case study

Brenda Keogh, Jane Maloney, Stuart Naylor, Shirley Simon : Puppets and engagement in science: a case study pdf

Train, teach; taught? How the content of specific science subject matter knowledge sessions impacts on trainee teachers’ classroom practice and children’s learning

Några uppgifter som belyser elevers uppfattningar om vad som är teknik

Student reasoning while investigating plant material

Different content orientations in science and technology among primary and secondary boys and girls in Sweden: Implications for the transition from primary to secondary school?

Bedre læringsstrategier i realfag

Anne Holt, Anne Bergljot Øyehaug, Bjarte Rom, Per Ivar Kvammen, Mats Mollberg : Bedre læringsstrategier i realfag pdf

NorDiNa 2/08, november 2008

Utgiver: Naturfagsenteret
Språk: Engelsk, norsk
Utgivelsesår: 2008
Volum: 4
Omfang: 213
NorDiNa 2/08