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NorDiNa 2/09, oktober 2009

From the editors 2/09

Anita Wallin, Berit Bungum, Björn Andersson : From the editors: Nordina 2/09 pdf

Students’ Understanding of Redox Reactions in Three Situations

Primary school student teachers’ views about making observations

Maija Ahtee, Liisa Suomela, Kalle Juuti, Jarkko Lampiselkä, Jari Lavonen : Primary school student teachers’ views about making observations pdf

Learning about cloning: developing student knowledge and interest through an interactive, context-based approach

What factors make science test items especially difficult for students from minority groups?

Teaching biological evolution - internal and external evaluation of learning outcomes

An Argument for Reversing the Bases of Science Education - A Phenomenological Alternative to Cognitionism

Nature of Chemistry in the National Frame Curricula for Upper Secondary Education in Finland, Norway and Sweden

Science for all or science for some: What Swedish students want to learn about in secondary science and technology and their opinions on science lessons

NorDiNa 2/09, oktober 2009

Utgiver: Naturfagsenteret
Språk: Engelsk
Utgivelsesår: 2009
Volum: 5
Omfang: 230
NorDiNa 2/09