Hopp til hovedinnhold

Workshop in Dalen 2013

The Tree Ring Project organized its final workshop September 17.-20. 2013 at Dalen in Norway. The main focus this time was on student research projects and school to school collaboration. During two days at Dalen students presented their work in plenary in an excellent way. The youngest ones were 13 and the oldest ones were 19 years of age. There were 44 teachers and trainers and 59 students from 20 schools representing Norway, Croatia and the Czech Republic).

Group picture Workshop Dalen

Each school presented their research projects and their school to school collaboration. The students could also learn from dendroclimatologists Andreas Kirchhefer how their results could be used to compare climate in the three countries. As scientist Vladimir Kusan said to the students: “We can use your results easily because we don’t need to rely only on the quality of your measurements, but we can actually study the core you have drilled.” 

Teresa and Milos Workshop Dalen Vest-Telemark Workshop Dalen

Åmdals verk Workshop Dalen During the days at Dalen we visited Åmdals Verk Mines and Rui, two of the tourist attractions in Tokke County.  In the evenings the students from Vest-Telemark high school organized volleyball tournament and other social activities.

We are very satisfied with how the teachers and students have transformed the idea of tree rings into real work in the  science classroom, and how much international collaboration has resulted from the project. So enjoy all the presentations from this workshop.

A great thank you to all teachers and students for their good work during these two years from

Karl Torstein Hetland, Country Coordinator Norway and Project Manager

Diana Garasic, Country Coordinator Croatia

Ilona Krpcová, Country Coordinator Czech Republic