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The Tree Ring Project

The Tree Ring Project is a project in the Student Climate Research Campaign. Schools in Norway, The Czech Republic and Croatia will work together with scientists in a two-year project.

The Tree Ring Project

The main theme of the project is to study tree rings and understand how one can extract climatic information from looking at the annual rings of a tree. The students will work together with two dendroclimatologists, Andreas Kirchhefer from Norway and Vladimir Kušan from Croatia.

The general goals of the project:
•    Students carry out their own research projects and work together with the scientists
•    Develop knowledge about each other’s country
•    School student exchange

In total 24 schools participate in the project, 10 from Norway, 6 from The Czech Republic and 8 from Croatia. They will work together in pairs, which we call twin schools.

Karl Torstein Hetland, Country Coordinator Norway and Project Manager
Diana Garasic, Country Coordinator Croatia
Ilona Krpcová, The Tree Ring Project Coordinator The Czech Republic


Workshop in Dalen 2013 

Workshop in Pisek 2012

Workshop in Baska 2011

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