The Viten research project

Viten is a web-based science curriculum designed for use in grades 8-13 science classrooms. Viten was established in 1999 by Doris Jorde and Alex Strømme as a research and development project between the University of Oslo (UiO) and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The Viten project is now a part of the Norwegian Centre for Science Education.

The main aim for all Viten programs is that students should learn about the processes and products of science. Learning science involves being introduced to the concepts, conventions, laws, theories, principles and the ways of working in science. It involves coming to appreciate how this knowledge can be applied to social, technological and environmental issues.

The research component of the Viten project is concerned with understanding how ICT plays a role in the way students learn science. Our research studies also provide important information for the development of Viten programs as we try to understand the pedagogy of ICT in the learning process.

Viten is also working with the creation of learning objects and use of Viten's content used in virtual learning environments. Teachers are the focal point of this process.

The project was led by Sonja M. Mork. Doris Jorde also participated.

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